Functional fitness tools offer people a range of strength training exercises such as tricep extensions, push presses, curls, and lunges. These exercises are usually done with big weights and it will shock you how a simple tool can be so beneficial on the strength front.

Cost Effectiveness

The price of power bands would be less than $10. In case the kit includes other exercise tools and a DVD, the cost will still not cross $40. This is one of the major benefits of using power bands. You find excellent courses if you’re looking for Fitness Australia CEC points.

Regular exercising

If you are using weights to improve your biceps curls, or are doing push-ups, instead you can now use resistance bands to do the same exercises. You do not have to learn new routines to exercise with power bands. Fitness Australia CEC’s will show you the best form and technique to use these tools properly.

Multiple fitness levels

Power bands are suitable both for experts and beginners. They are available in a range of resistances such as medium, heavy and light. You can either adjust the intensity of the resistance band, or you can use multiple bands to increase the power you want to use. Depending on its size, each band produces varying resistance degrees. For squats heavy bands are ideal. The mini bands are good for deadlift as they end the movement in an explosive manner.

Good for the whole body

Going in for powerband training will give you the benefit of a whole body workout. It can be used to improve almost every muscle group. Macebell CEC certification with Fitness Australia will be the most popular course in 2020… you read it here first!

Go in for variety

he body muscles tend to get used to a routine of movements. To overcome this, add some variety to challenge the muscles. You can intersperse the resistance bands routine with exercises using machines and free weights.

A one-man show

The good thing about using resistance bands is that you can perform the exercises on your own. They can also be done at any time of your choosing, even at any location.

Ideal for storing

Unlike large exercising machines, power bands require minimum space to store. This makes it convenient to do the exercises and then just store the bands in a drawer till you next require them. Because they are lightweight when traveling also you can easily pack them in your suitcase.

For athletes the benefits of powerband training are substantial. Athletes can work the shoulder rehab exercises to obtain stronger shoulders as also avoid injuries. There are a hundred plus exercises to help athletes attain a great level of resistance so that their bodies have speed and effectiveness. 

Power bands can be used singly, or clipped together if advanced training is desired. One power band can provide a low of 3 pounds resistance. To enhance an athlete’s performance with regard to agility, speed and strength, special power band packs are available to help them make it to the top.

The benefits of powerband training are both substantial and many. It is surprising how this simple exercise tool made of thin, yet strong rubber with handles, can increase your fitness level. Say goodbye to heavy weights and forge your way to a better and fit body with resistance bands.