An Exercise Journal will help you to become Consistent 

You just have to be consistent in your training if you want to taste success in measurable time. A training journal is the best tool to put you back on the right track if you have been irregular or inconsistent. Your journal will tell you how often you missed your sessions or if you have been late in attendance. Armed with this information, you can plan your day in a way that your fitness sessions do not clash with your other priorities. Becoming a certified personal trainer means you can help people lose weight and look great!

kettlebell swing

A Training Journal helps you to Make Suitable Adjustments
Weight loss is a continuous process and you cannot achieve your fitness goals overnight. Your performance level will change over time and so will your priorities. There is no perfect kettlebell program that fits all individuals. The personal training 6 Week Transformation will design you the best suited kettlebell training program for you after a lot of trial and error. And it is your journal that will help him to do so accurately and at appropriate times. With enough information on your success and failures and strengths and weaknesses; your weight loss coach will be in a better position to make the required adjustments in your fitness plan.

You can Monitor your Rest Periods with the help of a Workout Dairy
The 12 week personal training challenge organisers maintain that rest is an essential component of a safe and effective fitness programme. It is equally important for you to keep track of your rest and recovery periods just as you keep track of your exercise data. If you are not being able perform well on certain days, you can check out your rest periods for the last few days and compare it with the intensity of your workouts to understand if you are overdoing it.