The science behind eating disorders

Aneroxia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and bingeing are some common eating disorders which play havoc on the metabolism and body. The entire physiology and the psychology of the human being is affected at the onset of eating disorders. In anorexia, patients have a tendency of losing weight and becoming borderline obsessive about their weight.

In bulimia nervosa patients have a normal weight range but they have vicious cycles of overeating and then purging themselves with laxatives. In contrast people with bingeing disorder do not attempt to compensate for their overeating and hence become obese.

Personal trainers in Balmain say that there is a scientific basis behind the occurrence of eating disorders. Eating disorders occur because of abnormal levels of serotonin, dopamine and nor-epinephrine. There are also enhanced levels of leptin found in the blood stream of people suffering from binging tendencies.

The importance of counselling and motivation

Balmain personal trainers are great in providing moral support and motivation to their clients.  People who suffer from eating disorders or have tendency of bingeing generally have obsessive depressive tendencies. It’s only through the support and motivation of a personal trainer who has assisted many such people with nutrition issues that they can come out of their problems. The group fitness Balmain training program can slowly help their clients get rid of their eating problems by counseling, diet and structured goal oriented workouts.