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Here’s Why a Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness is Effective

These days, numerous workout programmes are being offered all around for those who want to enrol and become fit and healthy. However, having multiple options also means that selecting the right way can be quite confusing. If you want a workout programme that is safe, thorough, time-specific, performance-oriented and suited specifically for your fitness target, look no further than your nearest Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness. Only here will you find a fitness programme that will address all your concerns and guide you on the correct path to fitness.

There are innumerable reasons behind the soaring popularity and stupendous success of boot camps all over the world. After all, people are not investing their hard-earned money for nothing if they are not getting something more than the usual gyms or group workouts.

Structured Workouts

Fitness programmes at Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness are prepared by instructors who are trained in the science of physical fitness, human physiology, diet, recovery and much more. Naturally, they are better equipped to create workouts for you keeping in mind all areas of fitness and not just some arbitrary exercises. When you sign up for a boot camp session, your instructor will first assess your current fitness level, understand your fitness goal and then work out on creating an exercise schedule that is specifically suited for your individual need. He will not dish out a preset formula or some generalized workouts as is commonly found in gyms.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Check out Dan Clay’s page who has been in the Outdoor Group Fitness Industry for more that 11 years:

Being in this business for 11 years, I’ve  met all kinds of people so I know that despite the fact that this is already a complete no-brainer, there are still some people who might be a little bit apprehensive about making the initial investment in our body-transforming group outdoor fitness program.

Balanced Routine

Only Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness offer a healthy mix of both cardio workouts and strength training. Cardio workouts like jogging, sprinting, mountain climbing etc accelerate your heart beat, improve blood circulation and boost metabolism. As a result, you feel more active and your body too burns fat at a faster pace. Strength training using your own body weight or obstacles in the natural terrain is another great way of building muscle mass and gaining a high afterburn (a condition in which your body’s metabolic rate is so revved up that it continues to burn fat even after your sessions are over).

Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness

Dangerously Fit Group Trains outdoor rain hail or Shine!

Professional Supervision

Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness instructors are hard-core professionals and the supervision you get from them is truly world class. They have vast experience in dealing with different types of clients; each with his own idiosyncrasy; needs and desires. They understand how difficult it is for you to adjust to a strenuous workout schedule, make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and lose all that piled up weight. To help you succeed, they will guide you at each step; provide you with diet plans; measure your progress periodically; motivate you to strive harder and make your sessions as enjoyable as possible.

Stimulating Atmosphere

Another prime advantage of a Dangerously Fit Outdoor Group Fitness is the refreshing atmosphere. Firstly, boot camps are held outdoors where the air is definitely more fresh and stimulating as compared to an enclosed gym or even your own home. Secondly, boot camps offer an unbelievable range of exercises that can never be enjoyed at gyms. Your instructor will mix and match different workout modes to create exciting sessions so that your body stays stimulated and you too enjoy exercising. Thirdly, the social ambience at boot camps definitely helps you to overcome failures, stay buoyant and become confident about achieving your goals.


What is a Group Training Workout?

A Dangerously Fit group training workout program can be a certain and effective way to realise your particular fitness goals. A trainer conducts a series of fitness exercises for the benefit of a group of individuals with a common fitness objective. You may enrol with any of the group training programs near your home to gain from the various kinds of workout activities available.

Here are some aspects of a group training workout.

Customised Training

The group trainers are experienced to address the particular needs of clients. They assess the clients to study their physical condition before sorting them into particular groups. The trainer will include you in a group of people with similar fitness goals.

A rigorous session with group training can be an interesting experience in spite of the hard work because you can easily relate to problems and aspirations of the other members of the group.

Working out alone at a gym or with your personal trainer will not afford these benefits.

Step by Step Process:

Check out Dan Clay’s Dangerously Fit Group Training 

Success in workouts can be obtained by following, a gradual process, requiring patience and hard work. If you are a beginner and starting from scratch, you start will easy workouts first, and when you start feeling comfortable with those workouts, you jump to the next level.

Ensures Fun

Training with a group can guarantee a lot of fun, especially when compared to working out at a gym. With Dangerously Fi tgroup training, skilled trainers shuffle the routine of muscle building and cardio exercises to prevent boredom.

The trainers keep you motivated at all times during the session and create a lively atmosphere at the camp. The participants at the camp also do their bit by cheering their fellow campers. The companionship among the participants strengthens as time progresses. This helps the clients to stick to the workout programs scheduled for them.

The instructor arranges for relay races among the group of participants to add to the fun experience.

Other kinds of fitness training programs will not guarantee these pleasures.

Group Training

Dangerously Fit Group Training at Rushcutters Bay

Wide Range of Activities

Group training schedule a wide assortment of activities for their clients. The professional trainers team at Dangerously Fit put up  rigorous workouts with moderate level drills allowing the participants to keep up with the routine.

There are muscle-training activities for enhancing muscles, cardio exercises for building endurance and metabolic resistance workouts for improving upon your metabolic rate. In addition, there are activities to increase your agility.

Obstacle courses involving small hurdles and agility ladders increase the ability of the participants to complete several tasks with a limited time.

Your trainer will plan the series so that you can achieve the maximum benefit from the series of drills.

Sign up and start group training to avail of the numerous health benefits.

You may not expect the wide range of novel activities in other workout programs.

Stimulating Experience

Trainers at conduct each session with zeal and enthusiasm.  Most group trainings are based on the military style circuit. The trainers are serious about enforcing discipline among the clients.

However, the professionals assess your physical capacity before devising a suitable schedule of exercises for you.

The instructors are extremely friendly with the participants and often make jokes to raise the morale of the individuals during a particular difficult activity. This makes the arduous session pass swiftly.

Perhaps the best motivation for staying with a group training is that you may realise the benefits of a Dangerously Fit  program within a very short time. You will perceive a visible improvement in your endurance levels and  muscle strength apart from other health benefits.

It would be unrealistic to achieve such swift results from general training methods.

How exercise Can Help You Conquer the Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

How exercise Can Help You Conquer the Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Exercising can surely be beneficial in several ways. This is why it has gained prominence over the recent years. One of the biggest plus points of exercising are the ways it can help you conquer your sedentary lifestyle.

In today’s time it is normal for people to spend long hours at their work tables and in front of their computers. This leads to severe fatigue thereby urging them to lead sedentary lifestyles indoors. When at home, most people today stick to their television sets and hardly perform any physical activity.

To check out the scary health effects of a sedentary lifestyle visit…


sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity. A person who lives a sedentary lifestyle may colloquially be known as a couch potato. It is commonly found in both the developed and developing world. Sedentary activities include sitting, reading, watching television, playing video games, and computer use for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise.

Getting active can help you defeat this in many ways. Learn how below.

Makes you more energetic

Trainers in most fitness companies utilize a series of exercise forms and techniques to help members lose weight and improve their physical condition. These exercises help make you more energetic. This surge in energy levels can in turn make you more active. Eventually, your sedentary lifestyle can become a thing of the past.

Once your body gets accustomed to a certain routine, a state of inertia is bound to set in. This is why those who have desk jobs end up leading a sedentary lifestyle in most cases. However, once you include an element of physical activity into your daily lifestyle, it helps you become more active overall.

Training with your friends is a great way to stay motivated

Training with your friends is a great way to stay motivated

Increases your metabolism

The more sedentary your lifestyle, the more your metabolism will suffer. If you perform some sort of rigorous work out on a regular basis, it will help improve your metabolic rate. When signing up with a fitness company, usually the members get a full assessment on their physical condition before teaching them a variety of workout techniques or increasing the tempo of a routine. This customized training helps achieve results faster as also to increase your individual metabolism. An increased metabolism will make you more active, helping you let go of your sedentary lifestyle.

Inspires you to be more active

Sometimes all a person really needs to lead a more active life is a beginning. Increasing your physical activity will automatically make you more active regards to your daily life. As your body experiences changes with every work out, you will in turn be more inspired to constantly be up and about.

Improves self-worth

An improved sense of self-worth can greatly help in arresting a sedentary lifestyle. While it isn’t a generalisation that everyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle suffers from low self-esteem, simply a surge in self-worth can help you be on your feet more often. Your improved body structure and facial glow, a common effect of regular workouts is what will help here.

Overall health benefits

While in some cases those who lead sedentary lifestyles are healthy on the whole, in several instances those who do, suffer from various kinds of health benefits. A regular work out boot can in fact boost your overall health. Not only does this improve your overall health cycle, it also arrests your sedentary lifestyle.

To find out more about the benefits of physical activity, check http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/staying-active-full-story/




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